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Burn the world.


it seems like every day when i turn on the news, yeah i hear a new fucked up story
like a kid being shot by his neighborhood watch
like the cops breaking into an innocent man's house and murdering his dog
like reproductive rights being restricted in the state of texas
like burning books' mail being scanned by the fbi
like zimmerman getting off of murdering for self defense
fuck that
like strikers being force fed every day in guantanamo bay

So let's tear it down, let's make it stop
For every homeless man's dead dog
Stop writing on your blog about how you just want to scream
Because no stupid fucking text post could ever change a thing
So strap on those old boots and we'll make a cure tonight
With my little friend named molotov because he knows just what I like
Let's burn the world


from Livin' It EP, released October 23, 2013
Written by Nick Jones / Livin' It
Nick Jones - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Ayers - Violin
Victor Hroncek - Banjo, Vocals



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Livin' It Buffalo, New York

Livin' It is a new Folk Punk trio from the small town of Derby, NY; located right outside the city of Buffalo.

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